Who We Are

CHA Partners is a full-service commercial real estate development firm specializing in public-private partnerships that successfully execute complex healthcare, mixed-use, residential, redevelopment and adaptive reuse projects. CHA’s core principles of honesty, integrity and transparency have allowed it to become one of the most sought-after and fastest-growing developers in the State of New Jersey.

What We Do

CHA’s expertly manages all aspects of the real estate development projects that it develops to enhance the communities in which its facilities are located.

Executing Complexity

CHA simplifies complexities. By looking at deals differently, and taking pride in its problem-solving capabilities, CHA Partners sees opportunity where others see complications.

Government Relations

CHA recognizes the importance, and value, in collaborating with municipalities in an effort to create jobs, increase tax ratables, and reflect the needs of the communities in which it serves.

Value-Add Vision

CHA’s value-add strategy seeks to acquire and reposition under-performing properties in all major product types; CHA looks at what a property can become rather than what it presently is.

Full Service Platform

CHA controls the entire process to ensure project performance – including design development, government affairs, construction management, and asset/property management.