Who We Are

CHA Partners is the Tri-State Area’s most dependable real estate development partner. As a fully-integrated, full-service company, CHA specializes in imaginative public-private partnerships that enable municipalities to unlock property value, protect tax ratables, generate employment opportunities, and deliver properties that will positively impact and accurately reflect the needs of the community. CHA is a community-oriented company, therefore we put the needs of individuals and local neighborhoods first and work to ensure that what we do is truly beneficial to our communities.

CHA Partners has expanded into one of the most sought-after and fastest-growing developers in the State of New Jersey as a result of holding to our core principles. We believe that honesty, integrity, and transparency are crucial in the day-to-day operations of a successful business and its relationships. We stand by these principles by always keeping open communication with our partners and the community. At CHA, we build value for our partners through our strong partner relationships.

What We Do

CHA’s diversely qualified team of healthcare and real estate professionals expertly manage all facets of the projects that the company develops. The integration of localized capital investment with that of our team’s significant expertise in design, development, construction, operations, leasing, government affairs, environmental remediation, property management, and accounting, enables us to deliver projects that truly strengthen the communities in which they are located.

Executing Complexity

We work to resolve complexities by facing them directly and utilizing our exceedingly qualified network of industry professionals. We take pride in solving complex problems with creativity and integrity. CHA believes that complications are just another step in the process and embracing them can set your company apart from the rest. Where others see complications, CHA Partners sees opportunity.

Government Relations

At CHA, we have a long history of collaborating with municipalities to generate employment opportunities, unlock property value, and increase tax ratables. We work together to impact the community in a positive way. Our effective relationship with municipalities has enabled us to build trust and leave communities happier.

Value-Add Vision

We perceive the potential of a property and execute a strategic business plan to fully realize it by applying our value-add strategy which seeks to acquire and position under-performing properties in all major product types. It is our intention to boost communities by developing facilities that are assured to create jobs and bring a neighborhood closer together. CHA pledges to leave a community stronger, happier, and more united with the development of our innovative properties.

Full Service Platform

We control the entire real estate development process to ensure exceptional results. Our distinctive team of professionals has expertise that spans design, development, construction, operations, leasing, government affairs, environmental remediation, property management, and accounting. By managing the entirety of a real estate development project, we are able to control all facets of the process to ensure quality performance and a successful outcome.